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Director Advanced Studies


Prof. Muhammad Arshad Javed

Director Advanced Studies Message:

Riphah International University is a private sector university chartered by the Federal Government of Pakistan in 2002. It was included in “W” category universities by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in 2005 and soon was included in the top five universities in the private sector that qualify to receive research grants from HEC. The Faisalabad Campus started functioning in the start of 2013 and has been providing the best academic environment and available facilities to the students since its inception. The university is committed to inculcation of Islamic ethical and moral values in the behaviour of its faculty members, students and administrative staff. The main emphasis of this directorate is to facilitate the postgraduate students and monitor academic and research activities, boards of studies (BOS), examinations and disciplinary matters. This directorate aims to achieve excellence in academics and research.