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Director Student Affairs


Abdur Rehman

Director Student Affairs Message:

The Director of Student Affairs is headed by Students Advisor (SA) who is assisted by Student Counselor and Manager. This Department, like others within the higher education system, seeks to serve the needs of the students. The Directorate is a resource for prospective and current students, student welfare societies, faculty, administration, staff, and alumni. The mission of the office staff is to enhance and support the academic mission of the university. Through a myriad of services, programs and activities, the office supports and encourages the intellectual, vocational, personal, social, and cultural development of students. Directorate of Student Affairs offers a variety of services to students and facilitates their co-curricular activities. This office functions as the friend and guide of a student, administering to his needs from the time he makes the first visit regarding admission to the University to the time he completes his degree. The Directorate is responsible for academic advising and support services delivery at University. An important function of this office is to promote extra-curricular activities and furnish them forums for cultivation of literary and artistic potentialities and make their stay on the campus a rich experience of multi-dimensional growth."

For any queries please contact Mr. Abdur Rehman (Student Advisor )