Fall '19 Admissions Merit Lists

Merit Lists Fall '19 Admissions 
Last date for fee submission for 1st Merit List of all the follwing programs is
September 19th, 2019. Students are directed to bring all the original documents
for the issuance of fee voucher.
In case of non submission of fee till September 19th, 2019. 2nd Merit list will be uploaded.

Faculty/ Department


Merit Lists


  Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences + Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences

 1- DPT


No Merit List
 Faculty of Engineering + Basic Sciences

  Electrical Engineering

 1- BSc Electrical Engineering
 2- BSc Electrical Engineering and Technology
 3- M.S Electrical Engineering
 4- M.S Engineering Management  


Will be uploaded after test
Test Date: 21stSeptember, 2019
No test for M.S Engineering Management


  Basic Sciences

 1- BS Mathematics
 2- BS Physics
 3- M.Phil Mathematics
 4- M.Phil Physics

 1st Merit List M.Phil Physics Male

 1st Merit List M.Phil Physics Female

 1st Merit List M.Phil Mathematics

    Faculty of Management  Sciences -FMS

  1- BBA
 2- BS Accounting & Finance
 3- MBA Executive (2 Years)
 4- M.Com (2 Years)
 5- MS Management Sciences

 1stMerit List MS Management Sciences
 Faculty of Computing-FC

 1- BS Software Engineering 
 2- BS Computer Science
 3- MS Computer Science

 1stMerit List MSCS

 Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

 1- BS English
 2- BS Urdu
 3- BS Islamic Studies
 4- BS Applied Psychology
 5- BS Advance Diploma in Clinical Psychology
 6- M.Phil Sports Science
 7- M.Phil Sociology
 8- M.Phil Literature
 9- M.Phil linguistics
 10- M.Phil Urdu
 11- MA English
 12- M.Phil Islamic Studies
 13- M.Phil Clinical Psychology
 14- M.Phil Clinical Psychology (Top Up)
 15- Advance diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP)
 16- M.Phil Education
 17- B.Ed


 1st Merit List M.Phil Literature

 1st Merit List M.Phil Linguistics

 1stMerit List M.Phil Education (Male)

 1stMerit List M.Phil Education (Female)

 1stMerit List M.Phil Clinical Psychology

 1stMerit List M.Phil Clinical Psychology(Top Up)

 1stMerit List M.Phil Sports Sciences

 1stMerit List M.Phil Sociology

 1stMerit List M.Phil Islamic Studies(Male)

 1stMerit List M.Phil Islamic Studies(Female)

 1stMerit List M.Phil Urdu(Male)

 1stMerit List M.Phil Urdu(Female)


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