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Date for Concocation is 16thMarch, 2019.

Student is required to complete following process to join convocation;

1. Clearance: Every student has to clear his/her all dues relating to finance, library, and laboratory. Student can get clearance form from F&D and submit it for getting transcript to SSD along required documents.

2. Transcript: Transcript application will be processed to Exams department through SSD. University registration is mandatory for getting transcript.

3. Degree: Transcript is mandatory for getting Degree from Exams department along other required documents.

4. Gold Medals: Students who secured outstanding results in their batch in defined time of degree completion are awarded through gold medal in convocation.

5. Eligibility:

*All the students graduated in Fall 2017 and before are eligible for convocation.
*The students graduated in Spring 2018 are not eligible yet. The procedure is under process. If eligible, will be told on Facebook page and Website.
*The students who have taken degree or not before Fall 2017 and in Fall 2017 are also eligible for Graduation Ceremony 2019.