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Life at Riphah

IT & Computer Services

IT and Computer Services department provides a wide range of services, facilities and support including high speed network access, high specification PCs and laptops and high quality help, advice and training to the students, faculty and staff members. The University is using 30MB fiber-optic internet connectivity through the HEC’s PERN project. This facility is providing state-of-the-art communication infrastructure to meet the requirement of the networking and internet relating to the learning and research. This facilitates audio/video conferencing and access to the digital library resources and to the University Information Portal. All the campuses and hostels are linked through fiber-optic and alongside Wi-Fi internet access is also available at several locations. A structured program for using computers in the field of medical education; namely “Computer Assisted Learning Program” is also introduced to enhance the computing skills of the students. Top of the line Campus Management and Learning Management Systems have also been installed to ensure quick and online academic services to all the stakeholders.


Cafeteria services catering with hygienic snacks, full meals and drinks are provided on payment on all the campuses of the University. Separate café for girls and boys on campus.

Prayer Area

Mosques are established at campus while separate prayer areas for females are also located in campus.

Book Shop

Bookshop is situated in campus to serve students.

Internet Access

All the campuses and hostels are linked through Wi-Fi internet access is also available at several locations.



Riphah International University Faisalabad campus is not providing transport yet. But some private companies are present to serve.



There are two separate hostels for boys and girls. Provost Hostels is top most authority of the hostels. There are two senior resident advisors in both Male & Female hostels and one male and two female Resident Advisors work under the supervision of provost hostels. Hostel Administrator also provides the services under the custody of provost. The students who wish to join the Hostels of Riphah International University will adapt the following procedure. Student will get information from Admissions Office about the availability of seat and dues. In case of availability of seat student will apply to provost for getting permission through admission office. After the getting permission from provost hostels Student will remit the hostel-dues in Fee & Dues Department and submit the Hostel Form with all required documents to Admissions Office. Admissions Office will forward the application to Provost Hostels. Provost Office will refer the student to assigned hostel and room. Documents Required with Hostel Form; Hostel Form, Fee/Dues receipt, Photographs, Affidavit, Parents/guardian ID copy, Visitors Photographs (only for Female), Visitors ID copies (only for Female)



Library consist of many books. Some of them are locally available and some of them are locally not available.




All campuses are well guarded by the round-the-clock-security services through active security guards, fenced boundary walls and equipped with the CCTV cameras to ensure safe environment for all the stakeholders.

Class rooms & Auditorium

The classroom and auditoriums are fully furnished and are equipped with audio/video aids for better modern learning environment.


First Aid

The assistance given to students suffering a sudden illness or injury with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and/or promote recovery, all campuses are equipped with the facility of first aid at Student Services Department.